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Group Preschool Piano Lessons

Preschool Piano

Every Kiddy Keys Kid is a Star!

Everyone knows how much music can impact the learning and development of our little ones. Our KiddyKeys program gives students a jump start to music making, and all the awesome skills that come with it! Students learn all the fundamental skills of piano while building their confidence, creativity, and having an all-around good time! Offered to beginner students ages 3-5

What is Kiddy Keys?

Kiddy Keys is the leading curriculum in preschool-grade school group piano. It offers a multi-level foundation to learning to play the piano in a fun and engaging way for this age group. This program aims to build both academic and musical skill through song, play, movement, and creation.

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Saturdays 11:30-12:00pm   

Fall Session: September 12- January 14th

Spring Session: February 6-May 19

Summer Session: June 5-September 8

$100 per month

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Who are your teachers?

Our teachers’ biographies and philosophies can be found under the “Our Teachers” tab in the navigation.

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