Let’s get the band together!

Play “for real” for students as young as 4 years old

A Rockband program for students ages 4+!

We all do it when we’re kids (and some of us still do). Grab the hairbrush or tennis racket and turn the music up. Nothing stirs a child’s imagination like a rock star daydream.

Keep dreaming. Rock bands are for teenagers…Right?


Kids in this younger age group may not be ready for private lessons, but they are ready for Kidzrock! This internationally acclaimed program allows kids to play in a real Rock Band on day one. By using modified instruments and a kid-friendly curriculum, we are able to make Rock ‘n Roll dreams come true.

What is Kidzrock?

Your child will learn how to play drums, guitar, and keyboards as they prepare to play and sing in a real rock concert! The fun rock band format helps kids fall in love with music and feel good about their abilities. If children perceive playing an instrument as fun and easy they are so much more likely to want to continue on into private lessons. Kidzrock also makes a wonderful accompaniment to students who are already in private lessons, as it allows them to experience the joy of making music together with their friends!

Upcoming Kidzrock Sessions!


Kidzrock sessions are 45 minutes classes 1x/week.

Kidzrock (ages 4-6) – Saturdays 12:45-1:30

Jr. Rockers (ages 7-9) – Saturdays 1:35-2:30

Fall Session: August 21 – December 9

Spring Session: January 8 – May 22

Summer Session: June 3 – August 16

$35 per lesson = $140 per month

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